Axe 'N Gear Music has a rental program for instruments, sound and lighting gear for any event.  You can rent by the day, weekend, weekly or monthly.  Contact us to find out more!
Looking to rent equipment?

Whether you're looking to rent a sound system for a weekend or a guitar for a month, we make it all available to our customers in an easy & affordable way


We rent sound equipment, lighting and instruments for concerts, jam sessions, home studios, parties and weddings, church and sporting events....anything you have going on, we can help!


You choose the length of time you need the equipment. If you need to extend the time it's as simple as calling or messaging us.  Returning it early?  No problem, we'll reimburse you the difference.  

rent to own option

You've discovered that this is the instrument/gear for you and it's great that your monthly rental payments have gone towards ownership. Simply call or visit Axe 'N Gear Music to find out about your early buy out option!

   Monday....9am - 5pm                         Tuesday...9am - 5 pm
Wednesday...9am - 5pm
  Thursday...9am - 5pm
     Friday...9am - 7pm                           Saturday...9am - 5pm                         Sunday...11am - 3pm   

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